Alone No More ebook

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This book is a critical tool of preparation, a guide to connect you to spiritual parents. It will prepare your heart, mind, and soul to be ready for the parental relationship God has for you. The purpose of this book is to establish a solid understanding of the biblical foundation for spiritual parenting relationships.

This book will prepare your heart to receive God’s gift of a spiritual mother or father. It will take you through the expectations and heart preparations while revealing the demonic hindrances and pitfalls sent to block these relationships.

  • As you read this book, have an open mind.
  • Let these words pierce your heart.
  • Allow Him to challenge you and bring you onto a higher level of living, believing, and functioning in the kingdom of God.
  • Open wide to Holy Spirit and allow Him to flood your heart and illuminate your understanding.

I believe God led you to this writing to teach, train, and equip you for one of the most life-changing journeys you will ever go on. He wants to connect you to the right people for the right plan!

Go on a journey with God!