Apostolic Architecture ebook

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Apostles create habitations for glory and awakening!
Apostles build ministries and structures that capture and release the glory of God.
Apostles partner with heaven to enlarge the reach of the Kingdom.
Apostles turn the systems of the world upside down!
Apostles enter a territory with spiritual bombs, blasting and pushing back the powers of hell.

Apostle’s messages are validated by supernatural works of the Kingdom! Apostles rip apart demonic structures! We need to once again, in our day, return to the raw apostolic anointing of the Book of Acts. People were saved as a result of the notable miracles that took place. It is time that we once again build churches and ministries that release the supernatural and cast a net out for souls.

Apostolic Architecture is for anyone longing for more fire, glory, and power in the Church!

If you're Apostolic you'll want to read this ebook!