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DREAMS DNA with Ryan LeStrange

Guests- Oscar Guobadia and Tamara McNair-Hicks

This course features seven classroom hours of high-octane teaching plus detailed notes for study and learning on supernatural insight, prophetic dreams in the Bible, understanding your dreams, dream classification, dreams technology, and dream interpretation. This is the class that will help you increase your understanding in the mysterious world of prophecy and prophetic dreams. I want to teach and train you to identify the voice of God in dreams and seek out the interpretation.

Everyone dreams! God speaks through dreams, but many people are frustrated because they don’t understand their dreams. Throughout the ages God has spoken to prophets through pictures and symbols. This is abundant in dream language therefore a thorough understanding of symbolism in dreams is vital to “crack the code” and understand God’s voice in your dreams.

Job 33:14-16- "Indeed God speaks once, Or twice, yet no one notices it. "In a dream, a vision of the night, When sound sleep falls on men, While they slumber in their beds, Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction 


  • Ryan LeStrange teaching on Supernatural Insight, Prophetic Dreams in the Bible, Understanding Your Dreams, and Activation Dreams. 
  • Tamara McNair-Hicks teaching on Dream Classification.
  • Oscar Guobadia teaching on Dream Technology and Dream Interpretation.
  • This training is for those looking to better understand their dreams, interpret their dreams, and classify prophetic dreams.  

Module 1- Supernatural Insight

The goal of this module is to lay the foundation for understanding the spirit of revelation and the prophetic realm. 

Topics covered- Holy Spirit: The Administrator of Spiritual Gifts, Vocal Gifts, Revelation Gifts, and Power Gifts.

Module 2- A Plethora of Prophetic Dreams in the Bible

The goal of this module is to examine various prophetic dreams in the bible as well as classifying the type of dream and prophetic elements in each dream so that you can learn to apply these principles to your own dreams with a biblical foundation.

Topics covered-  Joseph’s Dreams, Gideon and the Man’s Dream, The Dreams of Joseph (Mary’s husband), Paul’s Journey, and the Unknown Portion.

Module 3- Understanding Your Dreams

The goal of this module is to explore four common types of prophetic dreams, dream symbols and keys to interpret your dreams.

Topics covered- Sources of Dreams, Types of Prophetic Dreams, Recognizing Prophetic Dreams, Finding the Meaning of the Symbols, and What Most Prophetic Dreams Contain.

Module 4- Dream Classification

The goal of this module is to examine categories and types of prophetic dreams. This is vital to be able to understand and interpret prophetic dreams. Join guest Tamara McNair-Nicks as she does a deep dive into the classification of dreams. 

Topics covered- Unlocking dream language, categories of dreams, parables and type shadowing, and how God points us to these things in scripture.

Module 5- Dream Technology

The goal of this module is to show how the prophetic ministry  employs various means of communication and technology. In this module guest Oscar Guobadia breaks down the prophetic technologies in our dream life.

Topics covered- What Are Prophetic Dreams, How God Spoke to Prophets through Dreams in the Bible, Symbolism in Dreams, and Updating your Dream Technology.

Module 6- Dream Interpretation

The goal of this module is to dive deep in the ministry of dream interpretation and the need for consultation in order to capture the mind of God in your dreams. Join guest Oscar Guobadia as he teaches about dream interpretation.

Topics covered- Understanding Why You Dreamt the Way you Have Dreamt and Understanding How to Interpret Dreams

Bonus Module 7- Activation Dreams with Ryan Lestrange