Global Apostolic Bootcamp eCourse

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Apostolic Architects reform, rebuild, redeem times, geographical spaces, and generations. Get ready for Apostolic Bootcamp!


  • They carry authority, legal and legislative privileges and powers, for regions.
  • Apostles embrace God’s domain without borders, which is the concept of the Kingdom.
  • Apostles have a grace to gather and appoint.
  • The thrust of the apostolic is to impact facets of society beyond the local church.

The Kingdom should impact arts, education, commerce, politics, and every sect of society.

The Kingdom should be declared and established to the ends of the earth.

We need apostolic marketplace leaders, apostolic political leaders, apostolic media leaders, and daring apostolic thinkers. We need those who see the harvest of the nations and go for it!

This Global Apostolic Bootcamp will teach and train on the apostolic anointing and building function.

  • We will examine the five-fold ministry gift of the Apostle.
  • We will discuss and teach relevant building strategies.
  • We will teach, train, and equip believers to rightly discern and connect with
  • apostolic/prophetic ministries.
  • We will thoroughly equip emerging and established apostolic leaders.

Sessions Include:

Apostolic Architects — Host Apostle Ryan LeStrange and Bryan Meadows (Embassy International Worship Ctr. ATL)

Apostolic entrepreneurs, Apostolic administration & government Ryan LeStrange (LeStrange Global & RLM Ministries, ATL) -

Building Churches and Communities — Chris Mathis (Excel Still More Ministries, CAN.)

Building Prophetic Communities — Nate Johnston (Everyday Revivalists, AUS.)

Apostolic Fathering & Leadership — Dr. Oscar Guobadia (The Brook Place, UK)

God is raising up a daring generation of Apostolic Pioneers and Builders who will flow in glory. Learn how they will function in the earth and in the Church.

Global Apostolic Bootcamp eCourse