Nataph: Unlocking The Prophetic ebook

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The prophetic realm is comprised of many flows and functions. In this writing we will dive deep into the realm of prophetic preaching as well as stewarding prophetic messages. To preach in proper form requires a basic understanding of scripture interpretation and study. This writing will provide simple tools for the prophetic preacher, writer, and messenger. 

God is releasing messages from heaven, but we must faithfully steward what He says. God’s messengers carry His flames! They light fires in the earth!  The Lord wants to reveal marching orders for His people in this hour. 

We must be unstoppable and bold, unafraid of the enemy.

We must learn to tap into audacious faith and go forth fully authorized to boldly represent the kingdom of God. God is calling you forth! 

This book will challenge you to study more, listen for prophetic clarity, and inspire you to step into the realm of mysteries!

Nataph: Unlocking The Prophetic ebook