Prophetic Shake Up ebook

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God is recalibrating His prophets and prophetic people in this hour. He is shaking up the prophetic movement, anointing, and ministry to flow in greater accuracy and boldness! He has initiated a divine shake up to reposition us to a more healthy, balanced stance to prepare us for what is next!

This radical realignment is taking place to purify and prepare the bride of Christ to move in fullness. We must be willing to go through the difficult times of pruning so that we can enjoy the harvest; this is where God is taking us. He is bringing us into fields of immense harvest. The seeds are being sown now for the coming move of His Spirit.

There is an exciting new wave of prophetic ministry on the horizon. The Father is inviting us to a place of fruitful service. We are being reset, recalibrated, and invigorated by the Spirit of God!

You need this ebook in your library to understand, recognize, and be ready for all that God is doing in the prophetic movement these days. If you are a Christian, you are prophetic because the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you. You have a purpose! The Father wants to perfect that gift and use you in a deeper way. He wants to recalibrate you with a divine shake up!

Let’s Go!