Reclaiming The Ground ebook

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From the beginning of time, God has had a plan for humanity. Just as Satan was lurking around the Garden of Eden attempting to disrupt the plan of God for man, so is he today. The big difference is, as born-again Christians, the Father has invited us into His dream for our generation and the nations. This enemy directs a host of demonic entities with a militaristic strategy to capture the thinking of the people within geographical territories. God sends apostolic leaders to those territories to oppose the works of hell and dismantle the demonic architecture. He uses the mouths of the prophets and prophetic people to disrupt and expose the plans of hell.

In this writing, we take a twofold look at spiritual warfare.

We begin with the concept of reclaiming the ground in regions and territories. We examine effective spiritual warfare tactics with prophetic insight concerning territorial transformation. We expose the strategies of hell while empowering you to walk victoriously as a part of God‘s army. In the latter portion of the book, we take this concept further, teaching you to operate with authority in your own sphere for your home, family, and life. You are the ground in which God wants to sow the seed of His Kingdom.

This ebook will open your eyes to regional and territorial warfare and give you strategies for breakthrough. It will also empower your faith to believe God for your own life and family. Get ready to be challenged and enlightened as you go on this prophetic journey!