Songs of Deliverance ebook

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In this ebook, Ryan LeStrange shares key insights to take your passion and worship to the next level. They share their experiences of dimensions of power and glory released in true worship that God wants to bring us into, both corporately and in our personal time with Him. Prophetic worship is seeking the heart of God for a moment then releasing His agenda through music. There are Songs of Deliverance that unlock freedom for those bound.

The Church has barely tapped into the psalmist ministry. God’s musical prophets break through the atmosphere to release His sound in the earth. Prophetic songs release the heart and mind of God to His people. This book will help you to recognize and flow with the psalmist and prophetic worship.

You will gain a deeper understanding of:

How God releases His heart through worship.
The difference between a Psalmist and a Minstrel.
Recognizing the Song of the Lord when it comes forth.
Songs of Deliverance, Glory Songs, and Songs of Encounter.

It is a fundamental resource for prophetic people or anyone with a passion for worship and prayer. Whether you’re a worshipper or a worship leader, every believer has a longing to increase their level of intimacy and this book will open depths to you, taking you to new levels in Him.

Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth. —Psalm 96:1