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This course features six classroom hours of high-octane teaching on the prophetic office, anointing, function, and the Seer realm along with extensive notes for study and development.

Also, exclusive access to prophetic bonus sessions with Ap. John Eckhardt, Shawn Bolz, Apostle Ryan LeStrange, and Apostle Joshua Giles. 


Ryan LeStrange teaching on the theology of the prophetic, the voice of God, types of prophets and apostolic/prophetic partnership

Tamara McNair Hicks teaching on the realm of prophetic dreams and visions with tips to properly interpret your prophetic dreams.

Oscar Guobadia teaches a master session on the Seer realm and prophetic operations. 

This training is for those looking to understand the office of the prophet, how to hear the voice of God, the seer realm and prophetic technology. 

You will have access to bonus sessions featuring teaching and an interview with ApostleJohn Eckhardt from our previous Seers course.

Module 1- Biblical theology of the prophetic. 

The goal of this module is to create a strong biblical foundation for your prophetic mindset. We will do a deep dive into scripture to examine key attributes of the prophetic. 

Topics covered- Prophets in the bible, Defining the prophetic, Identity and sonship, The voice of God.
Module 2- Prophetic Function and flow.

The goal of this module is to explore the flow of the prophetic and all of the facets through which it may manifest. We will examine various streams and operations of the prophetic along with prophetic types.
Topics covered- The mindset of prophets, the call to the prophetic, dangers for emerging prophets and prophetic types, and the various ways in which God speaks to believers. 
Module 3- The Seer realm.
The goal of this module is to take an in-depth look at the function and ministry of the seer. Dr. Oscar Guobadia is the guest instructor for this session. Dr. Goubadia is an educator and prolific seer. He approaches this session with a rich understanding of both theology and practical prophetic function.
Topics covered- What is a seer? How does prophetic sight work? How can you sharpen your precision?
Module 4- Understanding the ministry of visions.

The goal of this module is to explore the fascinating realm of visions and its connection to the prophetic ministry. Tamara McNair-Hicks sits down with Ryan for in depth conversation and practical teaching on this vital subject.
Topics covered- Defining three types of visions- Inner vision, Night vision, and open vision. The expiration of this subject will provide the student with both biblical knowledge and life experiences to enhance their ability to receive and interpret visual prophetic communication.
Module 5- Dream interpretation keys.

The goal of this module is to teach on the stunning and mysterious realm of prophetic dreams. Tamara is back in this session with Ryan teaching, activating, and sharing life experiences as a seer. 
Topics covered- types of dreams. How to discern if your dream is prophetic. Interpretation of prophetic dreams. 
Module 6- Systemic Prophets

The goal of this module is to activate you in your prophetic function while identifying the sphere you are called to. We will cover the various ways in which the prophetic can function in society and provide keys to discern your personal call. This is the session that provides a unique perspective not found in other prophetic courses.
Topics covered- The marriage of the apostolic and prophetic callings, functions and operations. Spheres and systems. Practical keys of how to find your assigned place and maximize your prophetic function. 
Also, you will receive the below bonus', Bonus Value altogether ($500.00)

Ebook Exposing Witchcraft in the Prophetic 
Facebook Group - Q& As, etc (1 - 1.5hrs) 
Seers Class w/ Apostle John Eckhardt
How to Hear Holy Spirit w/Shawn Bolz
Mastering Your Destiny w/ Apostle Ryan LeStrange
Prophetic Session w/ Apostle Joshua Giles