The Drop Down ebook

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God wants to send Glory drop downs!
In a moment, everything is changed in His glory.
He wants to send Destiny drop downs!
Destiny drop downs are moments of clarity.
He wants to send Joy drop downs!
There is a realm of intoxicating joy that can drop down!
He wants to send Breaker drop downs!
It comes on the scene to demolish demonic embankments and spiritual blockades.
He wants to send Miracle drop downs!
A miracle is an instant turn around!
He wants to send Prophetic drop downs!
He has sudden bursts of insight, decree and revelation for us.
He wants to bring Drop Downs for regions and territories.
He wants to bring Drop Downs in gatherings, in churches, and for individuals.
He wants you to begin to expect the Drop Down in your life.

Everywhere…Everyday…Drop Downs of Divine Power