The Eagle Anointing ebook

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The eagle is associated with the seer realm. They are intentional, focused and nest in the high places. This is the image of God’s prophetic eagle. 
We are made to sit in heavenly places. This means our view is panoramic. We can see the full picture. This is the perspective of the eagle, revealing a profound prophetic picture. The most effective spiritual warfare is conducted when we remain in the high places in God. The eagle knows how to ride the winds of God! Eagles use the updrafts to soar. They see the movement of the wind and ride it to higher places. God’s prophetic eagles soar on the winds of heaven! 

It is time for you to soar above the attacks of the enemy.
It is time to fly above the limitations and move into the unlimited realm.

The Lord is beckoning you to a place of soaring in Him. You are going to rise above the natural realm to see and obtain the promise of God for your life.

You were built for the high places! You were created to break the bonds of the earth realm and move in the glory! You are to ride the updraft and soar in the wind of revival!

Let the eagles arise! Let the eagles soar! Let the eagles come forth!