The Healing Anointing ebook

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The Anointing Series
Throughout my life and ministry, the anointing has been so precious to me. Time and again, God’s anointing has shattered bondages in my life and the lives of those to whom I have ministered. The Holy Spirit has become my closest friend urging me to search out His ways in a deeper capacity. I want to share secrets and mysteries I have learned about various flows of the anointing. I feel these teachings are imperative for Spirit-filled life and ministry. 
The Healing Anointing
The Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He walked in the anointing of God wherever he went and demonstrated realms of power for healing and deliverance. When Jesus was on the scene, people were restored to wholeness, the lame walked, the deaf heard, and the blind saw!

I caught up close and personal glimpses of the healing anointing in my early days working for Dr. Norvel Hayes, which fueled my hunger to learn more. Eventually, I would tap a flow of miracles that has framed my life and ministry.

In this ebook, I want to share with you practical stories of my lessons concerning the wonder-working healing anointing. I will also share with you keys to uncover and maximize the realm of the supernatural. I believe God wants to demonstrate His love through mighty deeds and acts of power.

I want to equip you to discover the miraculous operation of The Healing Anointing.

Dive in and go to the next level!