Word of Knowledge ecourse

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The word of knowledge brings access to the mind of God with the intent of releasing the power of God. When God’s mind is manifested, His solutions and might are accessible. Partnered with the other gifts of the Spirit, the word of knowledge can lead to miracles, breakthroughs, and powerful God encounters. Each word of knowledge is an expression of God’s heart for a person. 

A word of knowledge is a sudden burst of information and insight that can have dramatic consequences in the life of a person. When a word of knowledge comes forth, a person knows something by the Spirit of God. It can be a manifestation of hearing, seeing, feeling, or another type of leading. The main thing to know is that these words come from God to assist, bless and strengthen His people. It is His word and it is His knowledge! When He reveals something, it is because He wants to do something. The word of knowledge is an invitation to God’s power!

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