Word of Wisdom ecourse

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This eCourse is a follow-up to our previous one on the word of knowledge. It is a comprehensive teaching on the other two revelatory gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12.

The word of wisdom unlocks God’s wisdom and divine strategy in your life. WhenGod’s mind is manifested, His solutions and might are accessible. Wisdom is critical to execute God’s plan for your life. Wisdom can turn any situation around. The word of wisdom is a strategic operation that partners with other gifts to unlock supernatural solutions.

The discerning of spirits reveals the spirit motivating a person or situation. It peels back the cover to expose the hidden things. This vital gift protects you from pitfalls, allowing you to effectively see into the realm of the spirit. As with other prophetic gifts, it reveals that which has been previously unseen.

During this eCourse you will understand:

    • What the word of wisdom is and why it is important.
    • The operation and importance of the wisdom of God.
    • The partnership of revelatory gifts.
    • What the discerning of spirits is.
    • How to recognize when you are discerning something that is vital for your life.
    • Theological and practical applications concerning the word of wisdom &
    • The discerning of spirits.

 You will have an approximate six hours of classroom teaching and training on these two gifts. The teaching will be comprehensive and practical.